Based on the company’s diverse & dynamic business growth, our eagerness to serve our futuristic vision, our businesses are grouped under three umbrellas ‘KORRA Energi’, ‘KORRA Agri’ and ‘KORRA Tradi’ each in their own specialized field. Our vast experience in the field, from long years of dedication and hard work in our three subcategories, have allowed us to utilize modern technologies and advance management techniques to come up with innovative solutions for our client-partners creating added value.
We grow, We develop & We make-a-difference in all sectors: Energy, Agriculture and Trading

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Business Units


Mr. Nikos Genalis – Driscoll’s

“Korra Agri is a partner grower in Egypt, producing both Driscoll´s strawberry varieties and also public varieties sold under the Driscoll´s brand in Continental Europe and Middle East. Korra Agri is a highly professional agricultural company that is very closely aligned with Driscoll´s to fulfill our Mission, Vision and Values. Korra agri is fully aligned in fulfilling our Delight mission of continually delighting our berry consumers. The relationship between Driscoll´s and Korra Agri is going from strength to strength every season and we hope to keep on building on that” KORRA Agri

Bob Eady – Total Berry

“Korra Agri (formally Consukorra) are one of our key Egyptian Strawberry suppliers, we have been trading together for over 6 years and during this period we have seen our business together grow significantly, and we are still expanding!!. Korra Agri, are one of the select group of producers who are licensed to Grow our exclusive Redeva varieties, these together with other open varieties of strawberries are supplied for sale through Total Berry to the UK multiples. In this very fast moving business, efficiency and fast communication are key and Korra Agri have this engrained into their culture at every level of management and this really shows through week after week. We look forward to many more years of close communication and trade together” KORRA Agri

Eng. Osama Kamal - Sonac Society National of Commerce Company

“We are totally dependent on Consukorra’s Pumps Maintenance team for the continuous flow of water in our farms, as they very rapidly fix any pump malfunction – Indeed, they are the fastest team in Egypt” KORRA Tradi

Eng. Gamal Aziz – Yara Company

“Korra Tradi (Consukorra) Pumps team have the technical capabilities to identify and fix any malfunction using modern technologies. They are trained to use the repair programs specified by SAER, reducing human error” KORRA Tradi

Eng. Hassan Marei – Marei Orchard and Nursery

Our operating stuff has been trained by Korra Tradi’s specialized and professional engineers to operate the pumps in order to maintain it and avoid sudden failure – hence reducing maintenance expenses” KORRA Tradi

Mr. Samir Gawid – Cairo 3A for Agricultural and Livestock Production Company

Korra Tradi’s (Consukorra) Pump Team regularly visit the site and check on SAER pump determining the functionality of each pump, they also provide periodic reports highlighting any defect that may occur to avoid future damage or sudden crash” KORRA Tradi

Eng. Mahmoud Tanbouly - Domiatec Group

“Korra Tradi’s (Consukorra) testing labs for the pumps, where the performance of each pump is tested after fix to make sure of the quality of the repair job, before returning it to the site—to guarantee that the pump is running properly KORRA Tradi

Dr. Mohamed ElRakhawy - Ganna ElReda for Land Reclamation and Livestock Production Company

“We certify that Korra Tradi (Consukorra) is and for the last three consecutive years the supplier and installer of our pumps (water pumps) and its accessories. It still provides its special services for our projects located at El Wahat Al Bahareya area. The high professionalism that the Korra Tradi pump team is characterized with, in addition to their constant commitment is offering the most suitable pump service that makes Korra Tradi (Consukorra) the best match as a partner for our projects” KORRA Tradi

EL ARABY, 2016

EL ARABY appreciates CONSUKORRA’s commitment, credibility and expertise in the after sales services witnessed over the years since 2001. CONSUKORRA installed 12 absorption chillers, with the longest operating hours, and 19 generators in all our factories in Banha and Quesna. KORRA Energi

Eastern Company

Our partnership extends for more than ‘10 years’ now in the fields of electromechanical contracting and energy solutions. Together we have implemented the largest district cooling and cogeneration plant in the region, a unique waste to energy plant, applied all types of absorption chillers through the non-conventional HVAC solutions and installed more than 11800 RT . We are proud to be their number one partner for integrated energy systems KORRA Energi

Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule Kairo, 2016

The School would like to express its high esteem for CONSUKORRA, its achievement and its staff. With great professionalism CONSUKORRA was a reliable partner during the 2.5 year realization process, brought the whole project to a good end, especially with regard to planned and realized time and cost limits. CONSUKORRA was proven as a reliable and strong partner with a lot of expertise in handling projects of this size, complexity and under the special school conditions KORRA Energi

General Department for Military Works, 2016

The General Department for Military Works would like to thank and express their appreciation towards the efforts put to complete the project of renovating the Olympic Village in Maadi KORRA Energi


Because EL ARAFA Group trusts CONSUKORRA’s after sales service capabilities, our business relationship has been extending for the past 15 years in the field of HVAC solutions using absorption chillers. KORRA Energi