About Company


Eng. Korra graduated from Cairo University in 1979 as a mechanical engineer. Eng. Korra is the Chairman of Korra Holding (ConsuKorra), a leading conglomerate in the energy, electromechanical, industrial/trading and food processing & agricultural sectors. Further, he is an accomplished entrepreneur and was involved in several startups

Partnerships and Roles:

Industrial (Packaging – Food Processing) Sector

He is the Business Unit Manager and partner of Greif Egypt since 1992; a joint venture of 25% with Greif (USA) global leader for industrial packaging and manufacturing of steel drums at Sadat City.

He is also the General Manager and partner of Huhtamaki Egypt; a joint venture of 25% with

Huhtamaki Finland, worldwide known for moulded fiber packaging in Sadat City.

He is as well the Chairman of Cairo Oil and Soap Co. specialized in the manufacturing of Oil, Ghee and Soap brands

Agricultural & Land Reclamation Sector:

For more than 30 years, he has been one of the pioneers in the land reclamation in Nubaria area, with a history of agricultural achievements. He took the lead in cultivating the area, has been the first in line to implement new agricultural technologies, tried new water-conservation irrigating systems. He also made the importation of certain kinds of fruits to Egypt possible. He is the general manager of several owned farms, with the current focus on the exportation of fresh fruit specially strawberry

Eng. Ayman Korra is the Founder and Chairman of Korra Holding - Consukorra and all its divisions

Consukorra has grouped its business lines under three umbrellas “Energy – Agriculture –  Trading” with the brands Korra Energi, Korra Agri and Korra Tradi each in their own specialized field

  • Korra Energi:

Is a pioneer in the field of offering “out of the box” energy solutions, carefully tailored to project needs. Our integrated energy solutions encompass a balanced portfolio of activities in cogeneration, air conditioning, central cooling and waste to energy offering turnkey projects from the engineering, construction, operation and after sales service for clients. Moreover, it is one of the few companies in Egypt licensed for generating, distributing and selling electricity. In addition to being a first class contractor in the “Egyptian Federation for Construction & Building Contractors”

  • Korra Agri:

Is one of the large growers and exporters of fresh fruit specialized in the strawberry production. It is important to highlight that they are the only company in Egypt that exports sealed packs delivered directly to supermarket outlets, mainly in Europe and the UK. They also in the pesticides and fertilizers business having more than 25 trusted sources of registered pesticides and foliar fertilizers

  • Korra Tradi:

Is a well-known company in the different fields they serve. Pumps & Machinery Business Unit, is specialized in the installation and maintenance of pumps such as submersible pumps for wells, irrigation, firefighting, A/C pumps, domestic water pumps and water sources issues. They are also in the field of refractories, ink jets and petrochemicals  

GIS Sector:

Being the chairman and owner of 85%, he truly believes in the company’s line of business. Zoser Egypt is a technology hub that represents distinctive geo-spatial solutions and platforms that harnesses the power of location managing different businesses’ aspects to achieve targets and aiming at moonshots.


Among other roles, Eng. Ayman is:

  • Board Member of Chamber of Food Industries
  • Board Member of Egyptian Businessmen’s Association (EBA)
  • Board member in the agriculture committee of the Egyptian Competitiveness
  • Former Board Member of General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) (2004 – 2009)
  • Former Chairman of the Horticultural Export Improving Association (HEIA). (2000 – 2003)


Founder and Chairman of the board of trustees of AlKorra Foundation for Sustainable Development, an NGO (non-profit organization). The foundation aims at increasing the competitiveness and productivity and achieving the sustainable economic development through a focus on the issues of youth employment.