Korra Holding – Partners

Our partners – clients & work partners – are our precious part of the secret for our way forward. We cherish our relationship with our partners, work hard on maintaining it by creating value, foster long term mutual profitable partnerships and create win-win scenarios in order to achieve growth and sustainability for our respected partners as well as for us.

Accentuating the importance of partnership, we have it as one of our core six values in the company. This is a result from our belief that without good strategic partners and client partners we can’t achieve the mutual success and progress we aim to reach.

We are continuously looking for the best business partners, clients and employees who share our business cultural values to ensure the sustainability of the business and find ways to generate solutions for our partners leaving an imprint. Through the win-win situations we build, our profits increase as well as those of our respected clients and partners. 

“Our successful partnership with the European, Asian and American companies since 1992 in parallel with our accomplishments in the local market has anchored our company’s position as a reliable partner that benefits from both the local market insight and the international advanced way of doing business. Through combining both we create our value added and increase our competitiveness that results in win-win partnerships and sustainable profitable growth.” Statement from the Chairman.

To provide our customers with best quality products and most reliable systems we, at Korra Holding, have joined forces with leading global manufacturers in each field, whether in the energy, agriculture, industrial or trading segments. Proud of our long-term fruitful relationships, we are totally committed to our partners in success.

We are also proud of the massive number of clients we serve in each field, together we develop and our business nurture, while maintaining a strong healthy relationship. We are ever on the lookout for new clientele. We deliver our clients with unique solutions that create added value and tackle their needs and/or market dynamics.