Giving Back to the Community

Korra Agri:

1/ As a give-back idea & a win-win scenario, we initiated the contractual farming project, developing the mind set of small-scale farmers encouraging and training them to adopt safe & modern agriculture methods.

In addition, the company provides financial support through importing seedlings from their original source to ensure the best quality of crops, while protecting the intellectual property rights of the cultivars owners and the agriculture supplies.

Under the supervision of our engineers through all the cultivation phases, providing them with the necessary technical support, controlling the usage of pesticides and qualifying their farms with GLOBALG.A.P. Certification and Tesco Nurture Certification in 2015 under our farm’s name

2/ Believing in the scarcity of water and efficient resource utilization, our farms where from the very first in Egypt introducing drip irrigation system which allows water to flow from its source to drip emitters directed to water plants resulting in huge water conservation.

3/ That’s in addition to complying with the set environmental policies that ensures safe and healthy crop while maintaining a certain environmental and wild life conservation level.  Our farm is certified by ‘Leaf Marque Global Standard’ certificate which is concerned with the preservation of wildlife and the protection of the environment. We are members and partners in the global organization LEAF

Korra Energi:

Always in the search for better efficient – eco-friendly solutions and equipment that contribute to improve the environment as a whole by producing less emissions, or less heat and waste loss. Our Co-generation plant and incinerator project in Eastern Company was a model for such environmental solutions where solid and liquid wastes were used instead to generate … and efficiency was raised from … to 70%

In addition to trying and promote our partner’s Johnson Control Hitachi’s new “Power and Waste Saving Series ‘EX3P’ ”. This series reduces cooling water flow rate to 65% without changing the chillers size and at partial load – depending on the design condition – reduces up to 30% inverter controlled pump resulting in initial cost saving and electricity saving.

Chairman Activities:

Eng. Ayman is an active citizen, having an influence in the civil society by participating in various initiatives and national projects. Few of his active participations and roles are listed below

Eng. Ayman was nominated as the Chairman of the Horticulture Export Improving Association (HEIA) from 2000 to 2003. During Eng. Ayman Korra’s term & with the governmental support, he established the perishable terminal from Green Field in Cairo International Airport

Eng. Ayman Korra is an active member in several organizations such as

  • Chairman of Board of Trustees of AlKorra Foundation
  • Chairman of the oil section in the federation of the Egyptian industries
  • Board Member of Agricultural Export Council (AEC)
  • Board Member of the agriculture committee of the Egyptian competitiveness
  • Board member of Egyptian Businessmen’s Association (EBA)
  • Former Board Member of General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) (2004 – 2009)