CSR Philosophy

It is a firm belief at Korra, that the sustainable growth of our economy can only be achieved through education that leads to productivity. From that premise, we have expanded our investment to encompass young talented Egyptian students alongside our own employees.

In this regard, we have initiated a program of scholarships to the more promising students of public schools, enabling them to study in the best Universities in Egypt, without any commitment to work in our company after graduation.

Moreover, we accept undergraduates as well as graduate students, as trainees in our companies, providing them with the opportunity to expand their academic knowledge with practical application.

One of our preferred Scholarships provides access to the American University in Cairo, [AUC], amounting to 250,000 US$ for a six-year tenure, to study five years of Engineering and one year of English.

 “Such support is more than symbolic and enables us to provide lifetime opportunities for Egypt’s brightest and most talented students. Investing in their education is investing in the future of the nation…. A TRULY VALUABLE COMMITMENT” 
Associate Director of Major Gifts, AUC faculty member

In addition, we have supported other education related activities with the aim of preparing and shaping future leaders. We have sponsored Sadat City school, and the KEY program in Ein Shams University. As well as  granting a fellowship to a young gifted woman, enabling her to realize her dream project

By the end of 2010, the company wanted to take their social responsibility and philanthropy activities to a higher level, being more systemized and effective

Accordingly, in Q1 2011AlKorra for Sustainable Development (AKSD) was founded. A nonprofit NGO with objectives focusing mainly on increasing competitiveness and productivity, and achieving sustainable economic development specifically for youth

AlKorra programs are classified under three main pivots

  1. Increase employment opportunities for youth
  2. Discover unique talents and support their initiatives and projects
  3. Local Sustainable Development

That is not the extent of our community involvement, we take it further. Under the supervision of “Dar el Orman” and “Masr ElKheir”, we assume responsibility for a chosen village every year, providing its families with lighting, roof ceiling building, assuring availability of potable water and providing a continuous source of income for the family in need.

This income is in the form of offering a pregnant cow that will provide healthy nutrition from its milk and dairy products as well as cash from the sale of its calf. We, at Korra support the villages of El Hardana & Khater Omara & Kolla villages in Sohag , Gozor EL Faka’y & Ehnasia in Beni Sweif, El Khaldeya village in El Fayoum and Riad village in kafr el Sheikh.

Moreover, Korra became a member of the UN Global Compact to support and emphasize the abidance by the compacts ten principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labor Standards, Environment and Anti-corruption.

Korra, with other 38 companies in Egypt at the time, are committed to making the Global Compact and its principles part of our strategy, culture and day-to-day operations, and to engage in Collaborative projects which advance the broader development goals of the United Nations, particularly the Millennium Development Goals

Korra is also a member of Arab Sustainability Leadership Group (ASLG)