Al-Korra Foundation for Sustainable Development

Introduction about AKSD:

Al-Korra Foundation for Sustainable Development (AKSD) is a non-profit NGO registered in the Ministry of Social Solidarity in 2011 with number 8082. Consukorra Company in Cairo-a private sector company- has always believed in its commitment to support the development of the community, and it is from this belief that we have established our NGO. AKSD was created in 2010 from the vision that maintained that, charity and philanthropy activities, should rise to a higher level of sustainable development. Our objectives are: encourage competitiveness and productivity, aim at sustainable economic development having the younger generation’s concerns in our sights.


Support sustainable development and particularly the Economic Development through human and social capital investment


To work together to improve The Egyptian Responsible Competitiveness in the field of Socioeconomic Development. To maintain its positive and tangible impact on the sectors of the Egyptian society to sustain Egypt’s growth and prosperity

This can be implemented through our programs which are classified under three main pivots:

I: Increase employment opportunities for youth

  1. Ensure that work ethics are respected, promote culture and encourage youth to assume entrepreneurship in social and economic fields.
  2. Coordinate and liaise between like-minded institutions involved in the development of the skills that youth require to equip them for the job market.

2:  Discover leadership skills/unique talents and lend our support to their projects and initiatives

3: Local sustainable development:

  1. Development of programs and sustainable projects to upgrade the Egyptian countryside
  2. Expand contractual plantations
  3. Improve productivity of major agricultural seed crops such as wheat and rice.

In brief, among the activities executed by AL Korra

  • Various trainings, lectures and courses related to work, work ethics, preparation to working environment and the discovery of youth interests Reaching more than 14,000
  • Monthly meeting with successful people to meet and discuss their stories with the youth
  • ‘Masar’ program for supporting exceptional talented youth peruse their dreams
  • Halayeb & Shalateen development
  • Al korra along with Sawiras Foundation have fully taken the responsibility of developing the people in fayoum by teaching them various jobs for living and suppling them with the materials and equipment needed
  • Improving crop yield and productivity – applied on 2000 Feddans of rice and 160 Feddan of wheat

From the activities – related to development -  that the company used to perform and continued after Al Korra’s foundation, however in a more developed and systematized way is collaborating with other NGO’s to upgrade the life of families in certain villages by providing them with the basic living necessities and a source of income generator.

Alkorra with the NGO (Dar ElOrman & Masr Elkheir) takes the full responsibility of a certain village each year and provides the full support for its families in terms of delivering lighting, building roof ceiling, supplying drinkable water and even ensuring that a continuous source of income is granted to the family in need by providing them with a pregnant female cow for every family.

Sustaining the families’ income by distributing pregnant female cow to each of those families, where they can use it to generate a steady income by the selling of its calf in addition to guaranteeing a healthy nutrition (from fresh milk, cheese, butter…etc) all year long.

Consukorra sponsored villages development such as El Hardana village in Sohag  , Gozor EL Faka’y in Beni Sweif  , Khater Omara  and Kolla Village where both are in Sohag, El Khaldeya village in El Fayoum, Riad village in kafr el Sheikh, Ehnasia in Beni Sweif