About Company

The main attributes that bind the structure of KORRA and holds its framework together are, Transparency, Fairness and Accountability.

Diverse activities constitute the structure of Korra and each activity is headed by a CEO who in turn reports to the Company board and shareholders, advising them of business progress and results.

The business of Korra is administered through a network of Committees, carefully supervised and controlled and provided with the necessary information flow, all within a clearly defined decision making process.

In order to maintain a high level of sustainable business performance, Korra is constantly in the market for potential investments and growth opportunities, while assuring a fair working environment.

Board of Directors

Korra Holding Board of Directors adheres to the highest standards of Corporate Governance. Our board of directors consists of independent CEOs from various fields from other companies in addition to executives from Korra Business Units. The Board administers the necessary strategic leadership required for continual improvement and competitiveness. The Board also monitors performance and plays an advisory role to ensure transparency and strict & fair governance.

Policies and Guidelines

Company targets and aims are translated into policies, strategies and procedures that lay the foundation for proper corporate governance and sound risk management.

Certificate of Incorporation

By laws

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Korra employees are expected to observe and maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity in their conduct. That means following a basic code of ethical behavior summed up in the following:

  • Building trust and credibility
  • Observing respect for the individual
  • Adopting a culture of open and honest communication
  • Compliance with law, rules and regulations of the institution
  • Proper and fair competition
  • Respect for proprietary rights
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Strict respect of data privacy and the non disclosure of confidential information

However, Korra, in its expanded awareness, has taken its obligations far beyond the above mentioned codes of ethics, to include the spirit as well as the letter of the various laws that concern and affect our business.

Korra Corporate Core Values

We, at Korra, firmly believe in the core values of Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, Partnership and Collaboration, Community and People focus.

Korra Family Constitution

Despite the participation of family members in the administration of the business, yet the great stress has been laid on the separation of family ties from work responsibilities.

The Korra family has formulated a written constitution that sets the rules and regulations for family members, that stipulates transparency and professional efficiency, regardless of family ties.

In a sense of responsibility for generations to come, the Korra family has also included its mission, vision and values to be followed, and for that purpose it was agreed that 35% of the distributed profit would be channeled towards community and development projects.

The Korra family firmly believes in the value of land reclamation and development and has also assured a legacy of leadership in different fields of Energy, Food and Information Technology.

The Family has also established a constitution with the following mission in view:

  • To serve GOD and apply HIS commandments while growing professionally.
  • To invest daily in raising a safe, healthy, and loving FAMILY capable of impacting its environment.
  • To work in making a significant positive contribution to the COMMUNITY.

Formulation and activation of committees to implement and run the various constitution policies are in place while holding regular family assemblies and meetings.