About Company

In Korra we generate opportunities…

In today’s fast-paced business environment, identifying opportunities and realizing new clients that can benefit from our wide range of products and services is at the core of our business strategy. Through our vision, our experience and our knowledge we are always able to realize our targets, develop, grow and deliver constructive results.

Korra creates ALL-WIN partnerships

We are constantly looking for various methods of creating value for our clients and partners. Through the win-win situations we build, our profits increase as well as those of our respected clients and partners. 

Our successful partnership with the European, Asian and American companies since 1992 in parallel with our accomplishments in the local market has anchored our company’s position as a reliable partner that benefits from both the local market insights and the international advanced methods of business. Through combining our local and international experience we create our value added and increase our competitiveness that results in win-win partnerships and sustainable profitable growth.

We insure continuous sustainable profitable growth.

Our Sustainability stems from the way we commit and insist on pursuing our vision and mission. Our clients’ satisfaction from our products and services guarantees sustainable growth for us as a company and for our stakeholders as partners.

We work with the best

We are continuously looking for the best business partners, clients and employees who share our values to ensure an aligned vision that produces sustainable business growth

We invest in people

Our people are our most valuable asset; thus we invest in all our employees in terms of selection, training and retaining. We foster a culture of sharing, delegating, empowerment and decision making at all levels, Furthermore we are always keen on promoting the sense of ownership, encouraging innovation and definitely rewarding it.

We Contribute to the Industry…

We believe that we have an obligation towards the industry and thus we contribute by utilizing our experience and knowledge to generally develop the business. As leaders we lead by example and relevantly we are working in collaboration with other companies and organizations to set standards that meet international benchmarks for the Egyptian companies to follow.

As a company we believe in adopting the highest international qualities and standards that will lead us to building a good reputation for the Egyptian businesses regionally and globally; hence nourishing the Egyptian economy.

Korra’s management

Empowerment is a key principle of our management as we follow modern managerial approaches that encourage the empowerment of individuals and engagement . This also provides the opportunity of taking full responsibility and taking decisions that contribute to the growth of the business. This participatory approach assures that the company benefits from its employees’ diversity to grow and prosper.


Our transparent work environment serves as a key element in building and creating a culture of trust and understanding and relevantly our work force are always capable of using their full potentials. Proudly we founded our culture based on transparency and trust and thus we are devoted to being accountable, responsible, and ultimately successful.