Our History

Our reputation of accountability built over many years is our legacy for the future
We grow, we develop and we deliver in all sectors: Energy, Trading and Agriculture


  • Grouping Our Businesses

    • Consukorra paid in capital was raised to 162 million EGP.
    • The initiation of Managing Committees and Executive Committee plan, was put in effect.
    • Consukorra Co. businesses were grouped under three sub-categories, each specialized in its field
      • Korra Agri
      • Korra Tradi
      • Korra Energi


  • Channeling Growth

    • Berry Farm was the first and only, exporter to obtain a license to export heat-sealed packs that go directly to large outlets in the UK and Europe.
    • Nubariya farm was divested
    • Consukorra raised Cairo Oil’s Capital – with its share percentage – from EGP 80 million to EGP200 Million
    • A decade later, Consukorra achieves a turnover of EGP 437 Million, tenfold the figure of a decade earlier


  • First Class Electro-mechanical Contractor License

    Consukorra was certified as ‘ First Class Contractor’ in the “Egyptian Federation for Construction & Building Contractors” ever since


  • Regional Presence

    Consukorra started its Pumps activities in Sudan


  • Agricultural Expansion / Community Development

    • Consukorra bought Berry Egypt farm, specializing in strawberry exports
    • Berry Egypt farm established a state of the art pre-cooling and packing house facility, strictly ensuring that all hygiene, safety and control measures, are being observed.
    • Al Korra Sustainable Development foundation was established
    • Consukorra became a member of the UN Global Compact, to support and emphasize the abidance by the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, in the areas of Human Rights, Labor Standards, the Environment and Anti-corruption


  • Structuring for the Future / Partnership

    • Consukorra transformed into a joint stock company with a paid in capital of EGP 50 million
    • That year also saw the first appointment of Consukorra Board members. 50% of our Board are CEOs and Chairmen from other companies and calibers from diverse fields, lending strength and ensuring the company’s transparency and governance
    • Korra also initiated our cooperation with “KAWASAKI Heavy Industries” as distributor for Gas Turbine Gen. Sets


  • The first & largest district cooling / co-generation plant in Egypt

    Consukorra signed a very distinctive project with Eastern Company, the first & largest district cooling / co-generation plant in Egypt

    • Co-Generation plant – 23MW + 5180 USRT
    • Waste to Energy Plant – 1ton/hour industrial waste producing 2000 USRT Chilled water

    The design and concept was designed by Consukorra, later certified by Mitsubishi Heavy Industry


  • Electricity Generation & Distribution License / Global Expansion

    • Consukorra obtained Licenses for Electrical Power Generation/Distribution, from the Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency, [EEUCPRA], enabling us to generate, distribute and sell electricity to end users anywhere
    • Consukorra Gulf, a sister company, was established in UAE at Ras El Kheima, with the scope of expanding our energy solutions in the Gulf Region


  • Strawberry Export

    Horticulture Export Business Unit began exporting its own grown strawberries to Europe and UK


  • New Investments

    • Consukorra acquired 56% of Cairo Oil & Soap company, raising its share to 88% later in the same year.
    • Consukorra Horticulture Export Business Unit was established, currently part of Korra Agri and beginning with the export of Grapes to Europe and UK
    • 10 years after the company’s established, Consukorra achieved a turnover of 42.1 million Egyptian Pounds – a growth rate of 1715%


  • Partnership

     Korra Energi (Consukorra) initiated partnership with the highly successful HITACHI Appliances, as sole distributor for ‘Absorption Chillers’.


  • Partnership / Community Service

    • Consukorra-Energy Systems Businaess Unit, presently known as KORRA Energi, was established. In Partnership with “MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries” we embarked on distributing ‘Power Generation-Reciprocating Gen.Sets.
    • 2000-2003  Eng. Ayman was chosen as Chairman of the Horticulture Export Improving Association [HEIA]. During his term and with Government support, Eng.Ayman established the ‘Perishable Terminal, from Green Filed in Cairo International Airport.


  • Beginning of Establishments

    • Consukorra was established, a limited Liability Egyptian Company, with a paid capital of ONE Million EGP.
    • Consukorra established the ‘Refractories’ Business Unit, Currently part of Korra Tradi sub-category. We teamed up with international companies of International renown, which enabled us to offer the best quality refractory products and raw materials, to Steel Foundries and Cement Factories


  • Beginnings of Establishment / Partnership

    • Huhtumaki Egypt Factory, for the manufacture of egg trays from molded fibres, was established. Eng. Ayman Korra is the GM of Huhtamaki Egypt and holds a 25% partnership status. Huhtamaki is one of the world’s leading packaging company, and Huhtamaki Egypt has developed into a local market leading with a 36% market share.
    • Consukorra also established the ‘Pumps and Machinery’ Business Unit, currently under Korra Tradi brand. Pumps and Machinery business Unit is the sole agent for SAER ELETTROPOMPE, the Italian Pump Manufacturer, having on board, a team of marketing specialists and technicians.


  • Partnership

    • Greif Egypt factory for the manufacture of steel drums, was established.
    • Eng.Ayman Korra has been BU Manager of Greif Egypt ever since, and a partner with a  25% share.
    • Consukorra’s turnover at the time was EGP2.3 Million


  • The Beginnings of a Profound Company

    Eng. Ayman Korra established Consukorra Company as a sole proprietorship company


  • The start of the First partnership

    Moving to the Industrial Sector, Eng. Ayman Korra, considering a partnership, met with the representatives of Van Leer, currently Greif, after studying the market for the establishment of steel drums factory in Egypt. 


  • Second Presidential Visit to the Farm

    President Hosny Moubarak’s Visit to Noubaria Farm


  • Presidential Visit to the Farm

    Former President Anwar El Sadat Visit to Noubaria Farm


  • Founder's Entrepreneurial Start in Land Reclamation

    Eng, Ayman korra, Founder of Consukorra, graduated from Faculty of Engineering, [Mechanical], Cairo University, Eng.Ayman Korra began his professional career in agriculture by investing in reclaiming an area of …m2 in the area of Nubaria

    A pioneer in land reclamation, Eng. Ayman Korra was the first to initiate the business of Agriculture and land reclamation in Nubaria, and the first to use modern methods of drip irrigation which is a water conservation technique.

    Minister Kafrawy then presented the Egyptian national Mohamed Ayman Korra to President Sadat, as the first Egyptian who ventured to reclaim land in West Nubaria, as well as being the first Egyptian to use Pivotal Irrigation in the area.