Pesticides & Fertilizers - Crop Solution

The wide range of pesticides and fertilizers we work with are of high quality and efficient in solving critical plant problems whether a disease or a pest attack or a growth issue.

When it comes to plant growth, nutrients are what counts. We supplement crop with primary, secondary and micro nutrients that insures a successful crop growth and maximum yield production possible

Aside from plant nutrition, we hold a portfolio of pesticides specified for the treatment and/or prevention of some of the critical diseases

We have a team of experienced agronomists who work hand-in-hand with growers and constantly monitor the plant development ensuring the success of the product through its development phase. We visit the farms several times, understand the problem, fulfill the grower’s requirements, offer technical and know-how experience and provide them our recommendations and adequate product solutions. The results are always promising whether in the form of better productivity or more rooting or increase of flowering or others, the conclusion is that a positive effect is always apparent.

Above are few images from the work field portraying the effect of our good quality products and their success on the crop as applied on our client’s farms:

  1. Experiment applied in Chipsy Farm on the Potatoes Crop with the aim of stimulating root and leaves growth. The picture demonstrates the experiments success portraying the difference between treated and un-treated potato crop after using Fertified Export product from Spain.
  2. Another example from Americana Farms, applied on the strawberry crop. The picture shows the difference between the flower blossoming and greenly leaves resulted from treated plant
  3. Also an exmple from Maghraby Farm is shown on the image banner, applied on the strawberry crop. The aim was to enhance roots and leaves growth which can be seen clearly from the image when the fertilizer is applied
  4. An additional photo from Belco farm also applied on the strawberry crop, the aim was to reduce soil salinity and improve root and leaves growth. Again success of such experiment is vibrant in the image
  5. Another picture demonstrating the use of Ferified Calcium and Boron on the strawberry crop in Pico Farm to avoid fruit deformations. How the stamen and stigma are packed close together after the use of the fertilizers proves the result of better yield production and less fruit deformations