Pesticides - Partners

We are pleased to partner with leading international companies in the field, together we offer farms products that improves their crop productivity and ensures crop healthy growth treated from diseases and insect attacks. We only deal with the most reliable international suppliers, which include: In the field of Pesticides, our partners are Agrotez Company from Turkey and Hunan Research Institute, Haili Guixi, Limin and Hailir, Suzuhou World best, Shenyang Harvest, Qingdao Audis, Zejiang Qianjiane and Sino-Agri from China

Fertilizers - Partners

In the field of Foliar fertilizers, we cooperate with Fertifeed Export, our Spanish supplier, and Hunan Research Institute, a Chinese supplier, to offer the Agricultural market with a unique formula of carboxylic acid and nutrients that enhance and promote proper plant growth. And we are in the final stages of partnering with Field Crop Company from Spain and Tibio Company from China