Pesticides & Fertilizers -Profile


In the field of pesticides and fertilizers, Korra Agri, with its 16 years of experience in the field, provides the Egyptian Market with products that have gained farm growers interest aiding them in reaching better yield productivity and more profitable returns.

Our portfolio of products includes pesticides, fungicides, Acaricides, and nematode that is needed in the market in addition to certain quality fertilizers that is used in treating and preventing crops, at certain stages of growth, from diseases or insect attacks, for more detailed examples please check our page ‘Crop Solutions’

For our products, we have partnered with around 14 different producers from three main countries; Spain, Turkey and China. We are pleased to be their partners in success through our credible track record build with our valuable clients

With our eye constantly on future development, improved crop growth and yield productivity, Korra Agri is ever on the lookout for new partnerships and latest know how.

All the designated products are experimented and officially registered at the Ministry of Agriculture