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Ink Jet Printers
We are the authorized representatives for Matthews Swedot since 1998, the Swedish leading Ink Jet Company. 

Matthews Swedot is a subsidiary of Matthews International Corporation USA, the industry leader in development & manufacturing of the non-contact inkjet marking equipment. Mathew’s ink jet technology “Drop-On-Demand” ensures great marks with unmatched printing flexibility on different materials such as wood, textile, galvanized steel, corrugated cartons, plastics and more. 

We lead the market with our ink jet printers with the help of our specialized and well-trained maintenance team whom are responsible of the vast number of printers that are now available in almost every cement factory in Egypt used for printing text on cement bags. Following Korra’s strategy, not only are we an active player in the local market but international ones as well. We have installed our printing machines in countries such as Pakistan, Nigeria & Algeria.