About Company

The Foundation

In 1997, Consukorra, later known as KORRA (Legal name: Consukorra for Trade Agencies & Tech. Consultations), was recognised as a limited liability company, with a paid capital of one million Egyptian Pounds.

As a result of the growth of our company, and its continuous success as well as its expansion in different fields, Consukorra was transformed into a joint stock company in 2009, with a paid-in capital worth of 162 million Egyptian pounds, as of 2016.


The Company and its Diverse Activities

Based on Consukorra’s diverse & dynamic business growth, our eagerness to serve our futuristic vision, it was decided to group our business lines under three umbrellas “Energy – Agriculture –  Trading”

With our profound history and precedent development, Consukorra has become ‘KORRA Energi’, ‘KORRA Agri’ and ‘KORRA Tradi’ each in their own specialised field.

With the new strategic classification, our employee’s dedication and hard work have been channeled to assure that our strategies are always on course and that our plans of action are implemented successfully


Our long expertise has left a visible effect and an imprint in the following Sectors:


Industrial Sector:

Our experience in the Industrial sector started in 1992 and since then it has been an ongoing success, and continues to flourish to date. The main turning point occurred with our partnership with Grief Egypt and Huhtamaki Egypt, and continued with our acquisition of Cairo Oil and Soap Co. in 2005.

Energy Sector:

At Korra Energi, we are pioneers in the field of offering “out of the box” energy solutions, carefully tailored to project needs. Our integrated energy solutions encompass a balanced portfolio of activities starting for engineering and techno-economical studies to electromechanical contracting and EPCM ending with operation and high quality after-sales services. Moreover, Korra Energi prides itself on being one of the few companies in Egypt that has obtained the license for producing and selling electricity. In addition to being a first class contractor in the “Egyptian Federation for Construction & Building Contractors”

Agricultural Sector:

Korra Agri is one of the leading companies in the field of Land Reclamation in Egypt for the past 30 years. We are one of the large growers and exporters of fresh fruit specialised in the strawberry production. We have developed our own top of the line, packing facilities on our plantation site. We are proud to highlight that we are the only company in Egypt that exports sealed packs ready for the consumer market, and these are, in turn, delivered directly to supermarket outlets, mainly in Europe and the UK. We are also in the pesticides and fertilisers business having more than 25 trusted sources of registered pesticides and foliar fertilisers

Market Development/Trading Sector: 

The strength of the Korra Tradi sector, stems mainly from our in-house team of engineers and technicians along with the acumen of teaming up with several international companies of very high repute, global players each, leaders in their respective fields worldwide. Our long credible reputation gained in the market is in the fields of pumps & machinery, refractories, ink jets and petrochemicals.


The Growth

The company’s board of directors, consists of eleven qualified members from different backgrounds in the field of business. CEO’s and Chairmen of the boards of other companies, serve on the board of Korra, representing 30% of the members, adding strength with their respective expertise in their diverse fields of specialisation. This expertise and vast experience, coupled with our company’s workforce, will foreseeably lead the company to further success on the road to future prosperity.

We are also proud to announce that Korra has been expanding beyond the borders of Egypt, and is expanding internationally. It is fast becoming one of the few leading companies that provide a wide range of tailored solutions and services to our clients.

Our vast experience in the field, from long years of dedication and close analysis, we have developed a deep understanding of the dynamics and challenges of the local and international markets, and therefore we were able to transform our visions into concrete realities. The successes and passion of the large number of our employees, who have received superior trainings, and who work in our three subcategories; Korra Energi, Korra Tradi and Korra Agri have allowed us to utilize modern technologies and advance management techniques to come up with innovative solution for our client-partners creating value add.