Pumps & Machinery - Partners

One of Korra Tradi (Consukorra) strongest partners is the well-known Italian pumps manufacturers “SAER Elettropompe” since 1995. We are proud of such solid partnership oven the last two decades. SAER is known as one of the most efficient, innovative, versatile and flexible manufacturer of Electric pumps worldwide. We are the sole dealer of SAER products in the Egyptian market. We support SAER products in the market by several ways out of which are our high quality service and technical team, mobile maintenance team as well as the availability of original parts and pumps stock. Thanks to our mutual effects (Korra Tradi and SAER), SAER products have reached a high ranking level in Egypt especially for the submersible deep well pumps and domestic uses pumps. Just recently, we have also worked with Buffaloes Fire Pumps for the firefighting range, an American company.