Pumps & Machinery - Profile

Our Pumps & Machinery Business Unit, at Korra Tradi, has developed the expertise to provide consulting services, tailored to the needs of our customers. We are specialized in pumps work for irrigation, well pumps, firefighting systems, HVAC pumps, domestic water pumps, wastewater pumps and water sources issues.

This expertise encompasses the residential, municipal, agricultural and industrial fields.  

Korra Tradi has been the sole agent of SAER Elettropompe in Egypt since 1995.  SAER is an Italian company, with more than 65 years of experience in water technology.

Moreover, Korra Tradi is the main dealer of Reddy Buffaloes in Egypt. Reddy Buffaloes is a North American Company with extensive experience in firefighting pumps (UL-FM certified fire systems).

Korra Pumps & Machinery Unit solely employs top of the line and highly experienced technical professionals. Our experts are noted for their vast experience in assessing and invading the market, and as a result, we ensure the satisfaction of our many repeat customers. This is largely the result of the self-motivation, efficiency and commitment of our experts.

They have consistently provided our customers with customized solutions in all fields requiring pump selections.

To maintain this level of professional efficiency, we at Korra spare no expense to train our teams either locally or abroad ensuring continuous improvements of skills and up to date knowledge.

We possess a fleet of mobile round the clock service stations, capable of reaching promptly our pump locations for repair and maintenance. Our service station – maintenance center and test room - is equipped with advanced instruments guaranteeing the quality of service, every time a pump is taken out for repair. This center is also equipped with a deep underground tanks and the latest measuring equipment to assure high accuracy of pump test results

The pumps unit at Korra Tradi offers the following services:

  1. Free estimates  
  2. Free pump test
  3. Free water flow rate tests
  4. 24/7 emergency service
  5. Standard 36-month warranty on new installations for domestic pumps
  6. 12-month warranty for deep well, new installations
  7. Service contract for projects
  8. Client team technical training