Pumps & Machinery - Services

With KORRA Tradi’s competent services and continuous expansion steps, P&M BU have invested in:

1/ Service Center and Test Lab

We have invested in a large scale - state of the art - maintenance center and test lab, to guarantee the quality of service, every time a pump is taken out for repair

This center is equipped with a deep underground tanks and the latest measuring equipment to assure high accuracy of pump test results

Test certificate is awarded to each pump that passes the test

2/ Mobile Service Stations

A completed fleet of mobile service stations

We are the fastest in reaching our client and solving their pump problems within a maximum time of 24 hours

We guarantee quick service to our clients as we are always available 24/7

we support our teams with (7) mobile service stations equipped with the latest of tools that specializes in reaching any location all over Egypt in a short period of time

3/ Service Contract

We offer a service contract including a replacement to our client pump with another similar one, guaranteeing a continuous flow of water to our client’s projects