Refractories - Profile

Refractories Business Unit

Targeting a wide array of steel and cement customers, Korra Tradi embarked on a successful joint venture with the leading names in the refractory field, to supply refractory products and raw materials.

Acting on the principle that the success of our customers is paramount, the resourcefulness and ready response of our teams, ascertains that all needs are met. Our mission will always be to satisfy the expectations of our customers in providing the best refractory products and raw materials, used in the various steel and cement applications.

What Are Refractories?

A material that retains its strength at temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees Celsius, is called refractory. Refractories are used in linings for furnaces, kilns, incinerators, crucibles and reactors. There are many refractory materials, the use of which is dependent on the different circumstances and applications.

Besides their resistance to thermal stress and other heat related phenomena, refractories must also have the capacity to resist physical wear and tear.

Refractories utilized in linings fall into different categories; shaped [precast or bricks], or unshaped [such as castables, plastics, gunning mixes, ramming mixes), or a combination of both.


Besides petrochemical applications, refractory material is used in the lining of EAF, rotary kilns, converters, ladles, tundish, lime shaft kilns, and glass tanks.

Our Market:

Egypt has always had a solid foundation in the cement industry. At present, there are 23 companies that produce up to 60 million tons/year. Moreover, there are plans to issue 14 new licenses for cement factories with a view to meet the ever growing demand of the local market, that is expected to hit the 90.4 million tons by 2022.

Evidently, this shows the promising future of the cement, and consequently the steel, industry. Spurred by the ever growing need for youth housing and government large infrastructure projects, the steel mills have started expanding their present production of 12 million tons/year of steel.

Installation, Supervision and Technical Support:

We have a highly experienced team of service engineers and supervisors, who are qualified to perform installation, repair, maintenance and dismantling of production linings. Our company, on the other hand, is continually developing our range of onsite services. We assess our customers’ requirements of installation, repair and maintenance, on selected locations. We ensure a highly professional strict adherence to the time frames and production schedules of our customers.  

Consignment Stock:

We pride ourselves on possessing a large consignment stock, ready to address emergencies, greatly reducing the risk of interruptions and time waste, for our customers.