Cairo Oil & Soap Co.

Cairo Oil and Soap Co (SAE), a purely Egyptian joint stock company, listed in the Egyptian Stock Exchange Market (EGX50), is committed to prosper and have a clear print in the industry with its high quality branded products. The company is engaged in the manufacturing, packing, importing/exporting and distributing of different kinds of oils, ghee and soap.

The company operates two production facilities, all ideally located inside the Cairo’s city cordons. In addition to the head office located in down town Cairo, the two factory productions are:

  • El Ayat Factory for refinery of edible oils and the packing and production of bottled oils and vegetable ghee
  • Ghamra factory for the production of various kind of soap whether toilet, laundry or liquid soap

Our production factories are certified by both ISO audit related to quality management and food safety management systems

Since July 2005, Consukorra Group became the main shareholder acquiring around 70% of the shares. With the start of the new management, the company has been undergoing major restructuring plan to turnaround the company to a renowned one. Re-structuring the company’s different sectors and departments has been placed, where production facilities and techniques where enhanced and developed, new markets have been penetrated, our team of employees have been advanced, quality brands were launched and most importantly a solid distribution team have been established covering all governorates in Egypt through our fleet of direct sales or through distributors in the region.

Our company enjoys a scalable business with a wide product portfolio range covering three main business lines; edible oil, vegetable ghee & soap products.

Among the brands we proudly cater to the market, each with a distinguished premium quality, are mainly:

Oil Category: Katfa (Sunflower and Corn Oil) & Agab (Sunflower, Corn and Cooking Oil)

Ghee Category: Agab, El-Ezba and El-Mizan vegetable ghee

Soap Category: Daily Soft Beauty Soap, SPA Beauty soap, Klanz dishwashing liquid soap & El-Mizan laundry bar soap.

Quality is one of the company’s engraved values; quality is not only in our competitive product but also in everything we do, starting from the choice of raw materials, and ending with our quality services. We continuously strive for the best quality.  

Among the newest projects commenced by our company are the fat splitting & re-fractionation production line to extract fatty acids and Glycerin. In addition to that, we have been allocated a plot area in the Adabiya port for building our own tanks for the storage and discharge of oils. Expansions and development are continually scheduled to increase capacities, add new product ranges and upgrade available facilities.

We are devoted to provide our customers with a range of consistent premium quality products with affordable prices reaching up to their level of satisfaction. With our skilled staff and our well – selected suppliers, we are certain that the best ingredients, raw materials and procedures are chosen ensuring customers contentment.

Our exports are growing and more opportunities for further growth are yet to come. We have penetrated several different markets in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia.

We are always keen and enthusiastic for new opportunities that lie outside the Egyptian boundaries aiming to meet customers taste and preference with our quality oil, ghee & soap products.